Locations for Church Meetings

This page provides times and locations for church meetings of Grace Church Medellin.  Our church began in March 2019.  We operate as a “house church” just like the first-century church did (“from house to house” – Acts 2:46).  We don’t have a physical church building because we’re just getting started. 

Medellin is a very large city, and the English-speakers represent less than 1% of the population.  We are spread throughout the city, so having a central church building makes very little sense.  But having small groups of 6-12 people makes tons of sense.  We can meet in one of our apartments and not incur any additional expense for a facility used once or twice per week.

All of our meetings are small-group Bible studies and include singing, group discussion, prayer, and communion.  We generally meet in apartments, or, as we have recently discovered, we can use a room in a local Spanish Christian church for our weekly group meetings.  These churches are very welcoming, and they love being part of creating a church for English-speakers.  And we love getting to know these local Pastors and congregations. 

Pastor Carlos in Laureles has asked us when we can start an English-learning class using the Bible at his church.  This gives us more opportunities to share the gospel and allows us to give back to these congregations who have welcomed us with open arms.  Without exception, when these Pastors hear our message and what we are trying to do, their response is “How can we help?”  Jesus is definitely building His church in Medellin!

We currently have locations in Poblado and Laureles.  But as God leads and provides hosts and people, we hope to expand to many other parts of this beautiful city.

Monday morning in Poblado – Plaza Oviedo – Steve & Paulette Tuggle

Monday night in Poblado – Bosques de Alejandria – Michael & Nichole Thayer

Tuesday night in Laureles – Iglesia Cristiana Confraternidad – Calle 32F, 78-56

If you have questions about locations for church meetings, please use our contact us page.  We will respond quickly.

Steve Tuggle