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Christian Clown Ministry - Michael Thayer and Friend in Medellin
Kids of all ages enjoy visits from Doctora Clown in Medellin Hospitals.

This is our favorite clown, Michael Thayer.  In addition to his work as a Christian missionary, Michael offers a Christian Clown Ministry to children in hospitals in Medellin, Colombia.  And he also does magic tricks.  We met Michael and Nichole a year ago shortly after we arrived in Medellin.  Today, they are our closest friends here.  They are a great example of the purpose of this page.  They have been living and serving Christ in Latin America as missionaries for about 4 years.

Michael & Nichole are Christian Missionaries

Michael and Nichole were appointed as missionaries while living in Grand Junction, Colorado. That is the location of their home church.  Their original plans were to go overseas.  But as happens regularly, God had a different plan.  Gradually all the plans for their other choices started to have problems.  Ultimately, they believed they should consider other places.

Their friend, Andrew looked at them and said “Why not Colombia?  Once they started considering Colombia, God worked through their circumstances to confirm that Colombia was His choice too.  Their home sold in 1 day for more than the asking price and two spots in a Spanish language school also opened up.

Members of "Doctora Clown" visiting local hospitals in Medellin, Colombia.
Members of “Doctora Clown” visiting local hospitals in Medellin, Colombia.

Within a short time, they were leaving Colorado and heading to Costa Rica to learn Spanish.  Then they were invited to serve as missionaries to a Spanish-Speaking Christian Church (Iglesia Cristiana de Restauracion) here in Medellin. Together with Andrew Stringer and his parents Mark and Barbara Stringer (who have been serving in Colombia for over 53+ years), they are fulfilling the Great Commission in Medellin, Colombia.

Michael works in his Christian Clown Ministry

But as I said above, the work of Michael and Nichole doesn’t stop with the church. Michael has this terrific Christian Clown Ministry, and he works together with Fundación Doctora Clown to bring smiles to kids in local hospitals. It probably sounds a little strange, but he takes his clowning seriously. And he is very good at it.

Michael Thayer, Christian Clown with his friends bringing happiness and love to children and others in local hospitals.
Michael Thayer with friends from “Doctora Clown” in Medellin Colombia.

The Thayers are also leaders in establishing our English-Speaking Christian Church.

In addition to all that, they are leaders in our effort to establish the first English-speaking Christian Church in Medellin. They are starting our second group Bible study this Monday night. And next Sunday, Michael will be preaching in Spanish to his church.  They are two of many thousands of folks who have been drawn to Central and South America to live and work in all sorts of ways as the Lord directs. Please keep them in your prayers. And if you want to follow and learn more about their ministry, check them out on Facebook at Thayer’s Travels.

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Steve Tuggle

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  1. Hello Jerry and thanks for your comment. I have forwarded this to Michael and I believe he has already replied through his personal email account. Michael and Nichole are very special and a big part of the success so far for Grace Church Medellin. I hope you will contact us soon and become a part of our efforts to establish the first Christian church for English speakers in Medellin, Colombia.

    Steve Tuggle

  2. Hi Michael, I remember you from Grand Junction when we both worked for the State of Colorado. I am now retired as of 2016 and have been wintering in Medellin.

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