Lessons from God’s Word

40 Days of Walking With God

This month, our friend Andrew shared with us the Bible study plan his church is working through. There are 40 passages of Scripture. We must read the passage, and then we are encouraged to follow some suggestions to make the study more meaningful, and then write out the answers to 4 questions. Here are the instructions and Bible passages. 40 Days Walking with GOD Consider the following suggestions to get the most out of this 40-day Walking with God guide.…

Jehoshaphat, Faithful King of Judah

Would you like to be encouraged by a true story that occurred almost 2,900 years ago?  Have you ever heard of King Jehoshaphat?  Probably not. These Books from the Old Testament are less famous than other parts of the Bible.  This story is buried in the Old Testament book Second Chronicles.  Where is that you ask?  Well, right after First Chronicles, of course. Background of King Jehoshaphat Jehoshaphat ruled about the same number of years as Solomon.  His reign started…